7 April Tax coming up

Terminal Tax due 7 AprilĀ ..

.. and the emailing of the payment reminder letters has started. This is for the tax on the 2023 tax year.

If you have tax to pay on 7 April and don’t receive an email, first check your Spam/Junk email folder to see if it is there and if it is not, then contact us.

As the 7th is a Sunday, the payment can be made on Monday the 8th. There is no payment date extension so the IRD are still expecting the payment to be made.

When making a payment, please please ensure that you use the Pay IRD/Tax in internet banking and the details on the reminder letter are used.

If you are unable to pay you can apply for an instalment arrangement with the IRD BUT this need to be applied for before the due date.

To setup an instalment arrangement, you need to login and make application through your myIR account.

If you have any questions, unsure on whether you have a payment or not or can’t setup an instalment arrangement please don’t hesitate to contact us.