Changes at the IRD

Before we get to the changes that are happening at the IRD, please read this.

Payments to IRD

Firstly the IRD are no longer accepting cheques. So in regards to payments you make to the IRD as now the IRD have a policy that they will refund any excess credit balance that their system recognises. Therefore if a payment you make goes to the wrong place (tax instead of GST), the IRD could refund it to you and therefore make your GST overdue and will incur penalties and interest. Even though it was through a mistake, it is getting harder and harder to have any penalties and interest cancelled. A “she’ll be right, they will sort it” attitude to payments to the IRD is now not good enough.

So when you make any payments to the IRD please always use the Pay IRD or Pay Tax function in your internet banking. By using this, the information required will be on the payment to the IRD as you step through. If your bank doesn’t offer this then click here to check the IRD website for the payment requirements.

Then ensure that you use the right tax type that you are paying and if you have any doubts please contact us before making the payment .. need to get it right the first time!


Inland Revenue’s key services will be unavailable between 3pm Thursday 9 April 2020 and 8am Thursday 16 April 2020 while they make changes to their systems.

What it means for you

GST returns for the period ending 31 March 2020 are due 7 May 2020. You can prepare and finalise your GST return in Xero during the shutdown, however returns cannot be filed online from Xero to Inland Revenue during the shutdown. To avoid any problems or delays due to the shutdown you will need to file your GST return before 3pm Thursday 9 April 2020 or from 8am Thursday 16 April 2020.

You are still able to make payments to the IRD as normal.

The changes will affect Working for Families, Kiwisaver, Employers and Student Loan Borrowers.

To see what the changes will be once the new system is back on-line, click here to be taken to the IRD information website.

myIR – if you haven’t got a myIR account, we would recommend that you get one as soon as possible. Click here to go to the IRD website and then click register in the top right hand corner.