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COVID Assistance Update 4

Congratulations to all of you who today were able to return to work in some capacity ..

we have just received notification that the second wage subsidy has been activated so here are the details that you need to know –

  1. it is only for the wage subsidy and not the resurgence support payment
  2. it is being called Wage Subsidy 2021 #2 and applications will open at 9am on Friday 3 September
  3. although we haven’t been given the link to apply, here is the link to the last one so we assume it will be the same link to the website where you can apply
  4. if you applied for the first round of Wage subsidy, then you have to wait for 2 weeks from that application date before you can apply for this one. We have been told that all first round applicants will be emailed to advise when they can apply for this round
  5. if you didn’t apply for the first round, you have up until 11.59pm Thursday 2 September 2021 to apply for the first round. If you miss that deadline you can apply for the second round if you still meet the criteria
  6. Criteria is pretty much the same HOWEVER the 40% decline in revenue is for the period 31 August to 13 September so again you are looking into the future to ascertain whether your revenue is going to down or not, so proceed with caution. If you choose not to open/return to work but legally are able, you will not qualify for this.

Here are the links to our previous articles on the Wage Subsidy so if you haven’t already read them we recommend to read them before applying

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Again, if we can be any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.