covid 19 update

COVID Assistance Update 5

Welcome to Level 2 (or is it 2.5?) ..

and just to let you know, we are currently still not back at the office. We will officially be back there from Monday the 13th. We do have the slot in the door if you want to drop anything off before then.

So this is an update on the Wage Subsidy 2021 #2 which opened last Friday as there has been some significant changes that will effect eligibility.

The key issue to note is that the declaration is changed .. so much so that the Wage Subsidy in it’s current form only applies to those businesses operating under level 4 or level 3 restrictions.
The wording is “your business is being or will be affected by the continuation of Alert levels 3 or 4 ..”. This means generally anyone outside of the Auckland borders cannot and should not apply for this round of Wage Subsidy (at this point in time).

If you have applied and received the subsidy (done before we went to Level 2) then you will need to consider and ensure that the (1) your revenue does in fact drop by 40% for the 2 weeks from 31 August to 13 September and (2) it is attributable to the time spent at level 3 and/or any direct knock-on effect of Auckland remaining at level 4.

If, after reading this, you decide that you need to repay the wage subsidy, here is the link to how to repay.

Again, if we can be any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.