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Current Times Update 12

We are slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with Level 1 possibly coming next week. What a journey so far but you can’t be complacent. We know that a lot of you are extra busy at this time which is great however don’t forget about planning and forecasting forward work. Hopefully the economy will keep the momentum but we can’t expect it to be at the heights that it was pre-COVID .. we are going to feel some fallout from this.

So today’s email is to update you on:

  • let you know that we are back in the office now .. however our phone system has packed a sad and not currently working. The technicians are due to arrive today to get it going so please contact us by email
  • Small Business Cash Flow Loan Scheme reminder
  • Wage Subsidy Extension

Small Business Cash Flow Loan Scheme (SBCS)
Just a reminder that this scheme closes on 12 June.
For more details, click here to go to the SBCS website.
To setup a myIR account, click here to go to the IRD website and then click register in the top right hand corner.

Wage Subsidy Extension
This scheme allows for a further wage subsidy to applied for to get an extra 8 week extension to the already paid out 12 weeks. To qualify you must have experienced a minimum 50% decline in actual or predicted revenue in the 30 days before you apply, when compared to a similar period last year and the decline must be related to COVID-19.
If you meet the criteria, you cannot apply until the 12 week period of the first wage subsidy is up.
We expect to hear more specific details around the criteria before applications are open.
In the meantime, for more details, click here to go to the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Extension website.

So that is all to cover off for now .. remember to check out our blog .. Click here to check out previous blog posts