Don’t lose your domain name

A change is happening in NZ with website domain names on 30 September. There will be more choice with nz domain names with the release of .nz domain names .. a shorter version of the

This extract is taken from the .NZ Domain Name Commission website:

From 1pm, 30 September 2014, existing second level domains – like the ‘.co’ in ‘’ and the ‘.org’ in ‘’ – will become optional and you could register names with them, without them, or both.

When this change happens, there’ll be more choice in .nz domain names. For example, you could get as well as You’ll see that in the second example the ‘.co’ portion of the domain name is missing.

Some of the benefits of this change include:

  • More choice in .nz domain names.
  • More representative online addresses. For example, many people get domain names even though they are not businesses.
  • Shorter .nz domain names.
  • Aligning New Zealand with many other countries that have already made this change.


So if you already have a domain name, click here to be taken to the .nz Domain Name Commission website for further information on how to protect it with a .nz domain name