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IRD Chasing

You may soon receive a pretty black & white e-mail from the IRD (see below) .. they are making sure everyone is aware so there will be no excuses if they find something!!

Make sure you are declaring all cash jobs, which includes those for barter!


IRD Black & White Cash Jobs


It’s that time of the year when you begin to prepare your annual returns.

Our records show your next GST return is due soon:

GST return due 28 February

If you’ve filed already, or you or your tax agent still need to file your next return, please make sure all your income has been declared.


Remember it’s okay to do cash jobs – as long as they are declared and included in your GST and Income tax returns.


Keeping good records of all your income and expenses will make it easy to file your returns correctly. Our website has videos and other tools to help you get your returns right. And if you think you’ve filed previous returns incorrectly, then it’s best to let us know now.