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LAST CHANCE for Employers

If you are an employer ..

Time is running out fast as Payday filing is only about a month away.

Back in October last year, we sent out an email about Payday filing and what this means .. click here to review.

If you do NOT use a cloud software system then there is a significant change in process that has to happen at each pay period.

DO NOT under estimate this .. every employer is affected by this and the IRD has stated that employers have had a whole year to prepare and they will not be making any exceptions in regards to any employers that are late in filing.

The 2 cloud based software providers that we recommend are:
1. Smartpayroll             www.smartpayroll.co.nz
2. Thankyou Payroll     www.thankyoupayroll.co.nz

Each of these are slightly different in the way you do pays so you need to clear on how they work.

Please contact us if you require more information