Xero Tip #2

Xero Login

Sick of always having to type in your e-mail address to login to Xero .. well here’s the solution


Step 1: Go to the Xero Login page (


Step 2: In the web address bar, it should show Type /?username={type your e-mail address without the brackets}

so it should look like this … .. but obviously your e-mail address not mine


Step 3: Once you have that push the ENTER key and your email address should automatically appear in the e-mail address field


Step 4: Save the page as a favourite .. and if you are using Google Chrome (as per Xero Tip 1) add the favourite onto the Bookmarks bar


Step 5: Enter your password and login as normal


Then next time you come to login, click on your Xero bookmark and “hey presto” your e-mail address is already done