EOFY Records .. a change ahead

EOFY Checklists .. yippee you say.. Not!

Well hopefully this year it will be a proper yippee as we are moving to what we think will be a more efficient system. Over the last few months we have been involved in the development of an online portal for you to be able to complete the most favourite EOFY task .. checklist completion!!

We have teamed up with CA Portal which will allow you to complete the required checklists in your own online portal and as well attach the required documents.

What is CA Portal?

CA Portal is a website service that enables you to complete the annual checklists by scanning and uploading your records, and digitally signing off our terms of engagement.

Traditionally these checklists have been sent out in a PDF format, for you to print off, complete and then scan back to us (or dropped in) with the required information. CA Portal offers the ability for you to login and complete some of the questions, save it and come back to it at a later time. You will be able to upload documents (eg bank statements) and other files that are stored securely for only us to access and download to our system. CA Portal is set up behind a secure firewall with bank-level security certificates in place. This assures your confidentiality and security of information. Your information is deleted from the CA Portal after six months from when you submitted.

Simple 4-Step Process

When we are ready to commence your work, we will send you an email which will have a link to the CA Portal website for you to create your personal account. Then you will login to the secure site and:

  1. Fill in the questionnaires for the various entities listed.
  2. Attach your supporting documentation as you go.
  3. Review our terms of engagement (the same as you do with the old paper version of the checklist).
  4. Once you have accepted the terms of engagement click SUBMIT and we will do the rest. CA Portal sends us the data and we will get back to you with any queries.

In preparation for this change, we recommend the following:

  • when setting up your username, use your email address
  • you will need to understand how to download documents (eg bank statements) and where you have saved them so you then can select and upload
  • for non-Xero users, there will be the ability to upload other information from the systems that you use

Anne will be administering this system so any questions please don’t hesitate to contact her.